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While doing refurbishments at our houses or commercial properties, we often forget to deal with repairs on our roofs. We tend to focus on interior redecorations or on issues to do with wiring.

However, we need to take advantage of the contractors doing other contractor works and use that opportunity to handle issues concerning the roof. The contractors will be of help in different ways.

Therefore, here are 5 particular ways in which you can make the most of contractor works to benefit the roof:

1. Have the Contractors Check It

Having contractors check your roof for problems guarantees professional handling of any situation within your roofing. The trained personnel will come in handy since they use the right procedure and equipment.

Some even use drone technology to enable them to have an aerial view of the roof and at the same time view the roof at an angle that enables easy assessing of problems within your roof.

2. Tell the Contractors to Clean It

Having contractors clean the guttering and downpipes where leaves and debris can cause blockages, is a good way to take advantage of their excellent skills.

They will help clean any moss or vegetation that could lead to deterioration of your roof, thus making it last longer without the need for repairs that will cost you money.

3. Have the Contractors Repair Any Damaged Roof

Once the contractors are done with cleaning and assessing the roof for any blockages or leaks, then it is up to them to repair any problem they asses.

These repairs could include repairing slipped plates, large holes or relining box gutters and resetting copings on parapet walls.

The good part of having this contractor repair this problem while handling other contractor works is that you will get a professional service. This is due to the different skilled contractors available at your disposal.

4. Have the Contractors Replace Any Worn-Out Roof

When it comes to flat roofs, they are notorious for needing complete re-felts so as to deal with an area that is leaking since it is unclear where the water ingress is coming from.

Moreover, a whole pitched area of a roof may need relaying with appropriate felt underneath due to the heavy rains being experienced currently. Contractors can be of help with these replacements.

5. Tell the Contractors to Insulate the Roof

Having roofs that are energy-efficient and have the ability to reduce carbon emissions from your property is one key thing that one should keep in mind while installing roofs. For this to happen, an important aspect is to insulate it. Even the simple insulations in loft areas could have a huge impact in heat loss and utility costs.

Furthermore, insulating your roof is recommended by EPC so as to improve a house’s energy efficiency rating and any house-owner that has not insulated their roofs could take advantage of the contractors during their contractor works, and have them insulate their roofs.

Making the Most of Works

In short, make sure you use the opportunity with any kind of wider contractor and repair works at a property to look at roof issues!

These 5 aspects will help cover the different angles, and help save money and time by planning these earlier rather than later.